Advantages and disadvantages of solar street lights

Advantages of solar street lights

  1. Easy to install

The laying of cables at the beginning of a conventional street lamp project is a very difficult basic project. First, the excavation of the wire trench, the laying of the line pipe, the threading of the pipe, the earthwork backfill, and the restoration of the vegetation must be carried out. Then carry out long-term installation and debugging. If there is a problem with any line, the inspection work is more complicated, and a large area of rework may be required. The requirements for terrain and routes are relatively strict, and the cost of auxiliary materials and labor is high. Solar street light installation is relatively simple and cheap. When installing solar energy, there is no need to lay complicated lines, just make a cement base, and then install the light pole.

  1. Low cost of use

Conventional street lamps need to pay high electricity bills in daily use, and need to maintain or replace lines and other configurations continuously for a long time, and the maintenance cost increases year by year. Solar street lights do not require electricity expenses, only one investment is required, and there is basically no maintenance cost in the later period, which will benefit in the long run.

  1. Security

Conventional street lights have potential safety hazards in terms of construction quality, material aging, abnormal power supply, and conflicts between water, electricity, and pipelines. Solar street lights use 12V low-voltage power supply, safe and reliable operation, no hidden dangers, energy saving and no consumption, green environmental protection, easy installation, automatic control and maintenance-free and other characteristics.

  1. Energy saving and environmental protection

Green: Solar street lights use sunlight as an energy source without consuming conventional electricity. Solar energy is an inexhaustible clean energy source, which is very in line with the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection.

Safety: Because the product does not use 220V AC, but uses solar panels to absorb solar energy and convert it into 12V low-voltage DC power, it is the safest street light product.

Intelligence: The core intelligent controller of solar street lights can realize multi-period self-control, dimming, infrared human body induction and other intelligent controls according to the battery power and the environment’s lighting brightness requirements. The intelligent controller has a long service life and is easy to maintain.

Disadvantages of solar street lights

  1. High cost: The initial investment of solar street lamps is large, and the total cost of a solar street lamp is three times that of conventional street lamps with the same power.
  2. Low energy conversion efficiency: the conversion efficiency of solar photovoltaic cells is about 15% to 19%, and the conversion efficiency of silicon solar cells can reach 25% in theory, but after actual installation, the efficiency may be reduced due to the blocking of surrounding buildings.
  3. Affected by geographical and climate conditions: due to relying on the sun to obtain energy, the local geographical, climate and weather conditions directly affect the use of street lighting. If the rainy days are too long, it will affect the changing of the lights, resulting in the illuminance or brightness not meeting the requirements of the national standard, or even not turning on the lights, due to insufficient light during the day, resulting in too short a lighting time at night.
  4. The service life and cost performance of components are low: the battery and controller are expensive, and the battery is not durable enough and must be replaced regularly. The service life of the controller is generally only 3 years; the reliability is low.
  5. The maintenance of solar street lamps is difficult, the quality of the heat island of the battery panel cannot be controlled and tested, the life cycle cannot be guaranteed, and unified control and management cannot be carried out. Different periods of lighting possible; narrow range of light.

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