HERO SOLAR LED Street Lighting

Great choice for street lighting & roadway lighting

Ideal LED solution for professional outdoor street lighting with features designed with asymmetric lighting distribution.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Multiple beam angles, like short, long, and mediums. Quick installation and labor cost-saving solution. Low maintenance cost.

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SOLAR LED Street Lighting


Product Features

– Protects from dust, sand, snow or birds’s poop stuck for an efficient and -better operation of panel.
– Panel cleaning via DTU.
– In built cleaning system
– Convenient maintenance
– Intelligent remote operations



-Fast-speed, Medium-speed, and Low-speed roads

-Parking lot

-Outdoor playing ground

-Shopping Mall

-Square centers



AIKO Lighting is professional manufacture of street & road lighting, also high mast area lighting. The high lumens output ensures short ROI period for investors. Meanwhile, low glare and residential comfort light make people enjoy the night life harmoniously