Intelligent street lamp system of several common communication methods

The communication mode of multifunctional intelligent light pole system generally includes wired communication and wireless communication. Among them, the cable communication has optical fiber, network cable, power carrier and other ways, master common is the optical fiber and network cable; Wireless communication methods are mainly NB-IoT.3G/4G/5G.LoRa.ZigBee and other methods, among which 4g is more common.

All devices should be connected to the Internet, including feedback data. Device status and release control instructions. The intelligent gateway adopts wired and wireless communication to complete the one-stop online cloud of intelligent multi-functional pole.

I:Intelligent multi-functional pole wired communication mode:

The edge-end rod loading device is usually connected to the smart multifunction rod gateway, or the gateway is connected to the cloud platform system by fiber optics.

1.Optical fiber communication: suitable for connection including pole WiFiAP, hand in hand ring networking, etc.

2.Network cable: The gateway generally has gigabit or 100 Gigabit network ports, and some support PoE power supply. LED information screen. One key alarm. Radio sound posts, charging piles and other facilities provide communication.

3.RS485: Some rod-borne sensors and environmental monitoring devices need to be used for RS485 communication, including temperature and humidity monitoring. Air quality monitoring – detection of wind speed and direction. Environmental brightness detection, etc.

4.Power carrier: The broadband carrier communication technology collects data according to the completion of the power supply cable. Centralized control, suitable for intelligent lamp pole lighting equipment.

Two. Intelligent multi-functional rod wireless communication method:

The smart multi-function pole gateway is usually linked to the smart multi-function pole management office, but also has low power equipment online maintenance

1.4G/5G: The wireless communication function can be used as the backup and supplement of the wired communication, for some outdoor communication network is not convenient to arrange the communication network. In mountainous environment, optional 4G/5G intelligent multi-functional pole has perfect functions and high application efficiency in various environments.

2.NB-IoT: The advantages of this wireless communication approach include a large number of connections. Wide coverage and good penetration. Low power consumption, low cost, suitable for forest fire detection. Hydraulic testing. Intelligent multifunctional rod system for agricultural testing.

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