LED street lighting

LED street lights

In front of many companies – whether in the middle of the big city or in the country – there are unlit streets, sidewalks and parking spaces for the company’s employees or trucks. LED street lights are ideal for safely illuminating them at night or especially in winter when it is already dark at the end of work. In some companies, work also has to be done in the parking lot at night or early in the morning, for example when materials are delivered early in the morning. Bright light is needed to protect employees and goods. LED lights are ideal for this.

LED street lighting in many variations

LED lamps are available in different wattages, lumen levels and brightness. The biggest advantage is probably that up to 50 percent electricity can be saved compared to conventional fluorescent lamps. The light output remains the same. Especially with LED street lights, it can also make sense to turn the lights down at certain times in order to save even more energy. So if after a certain time in the evening until early morning only some kind of “emergency lighting” is needed in the parking lot or on the sidewalk, the light is simply dimmed. The CO2 emissions are also lower than with conventional lighting. In addition, LED lamps do not contain any harmful ingredients such as mercury. Another reason to switch to LED bulbs is the low maintenance costs. Replacing the lights on poles that have already been set up is also possible without any problems. Cities and municipalities are also happy about the advantages and cost reductions of LED street lighting.

LED parking lot lights protect the environment

Many models are flexible and can be attached to the mast in such a way that a specific area of ​​the site is illuminated. Various dimensions are available, which are provided with an attachment for attachment to the mast. The LED street lights are in a metal housing that hardly heats up. This means that no animals can burn on the lamp. Modern LED lamps are therefore active environmental protection. In addition, the lamps always emit even light, both in high heat in summer and in cold winter.

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