Several factors we should be considered when order LED Street lights.

LED technology is used in indoor and outdoor different application such as families, schools, factories, hospitals, libraries, roads, etc.

On Town and City’s roads,most of our road lights are LED Street lights. LED street lights are not only more energy-efficient, but also have better lighting effects than traditional HPS/ HID.

So far, LED street lights are the best choice for roads street lighting.

There are several factors that we should be considered when order LED Street lights.

  1. Different LED power supplies have different power factors and efficiency, and there are different brand: Philips, Meanwell, Instronics, Sosen etc;
  1. The brightness and price is different when LED Sources are different;
  1. The lighting angle of LEDs for different purposes, and the price of special colors are also different;
  1. The choice of heat sink for LED street lamps is very important.

Because the LED is a semiconductor device, when the luminous flux of its chip is reduced to 30% of the initial luminous flux due to the influence of temperature, it loses the meaning of emitting light, that is, the life is over. Theoretically, the service life of high-power LED street lamps is 3.5 million hours, but its important prerequisite is to have good heat dissipation.

  1. The product has passed the IP66 test

         6.Vibration test of the product

        7.Salt spray test,ensure for environment near port/sea.

       8.Life test of the whole lamp, LM79& LM21 for LED Street lights.

       9.Determine the wattage and column height of street lights, which can be calculated according to road width, light pole spacing, safety aspects, installation areas such as rural or urban or metropolitan areas, traffic volume, and public or private use

     10.Different countries and different markets require different certifications, such as European ENEC, North American UL, cUL, DLC, CE RoHS

  1. Do you need intelligence?

When choosing LED street lights, we also need to consider whether intelligent control is needed, such as timing, light control, induction, etc. These smart solutions can reduce carbon emissions, which also need to be done by professional engineers.

  1. Impact on the environment

Different roads have different requirements for the environment. For example, there are residential areas, biological protection areas or living areas around some, and we need to control light pollution, etc.,

These require professional engineers to select and match the correct light distribution for the LED street lighting project area.

When consider the factors above, it’s time to consider which LED Street lights manufacturer to buy the LED Street lights. AIKO lighting is the professional manufacture in LED Street light. More than 35,000 pieces per month.

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