Street Lighting for Pedestrian Crossings Night-Time Safety

Street lighting at crosswalk is an important aspect in providing both pedestrians and motorists with a sense of safety.

AIKO Royal street light is available with Zigbee & LoRaWAN wireless light networking solution system, lights can controlled remotely either from mobile or desktop applications running in a cloud, hence based on distance either of these options are available with the user to have monitoring and control over entire smart lighting system and can wirelessly adjust lights brightness.. And improve with AIKO smart control features such as programmed dimming, CLO, motion detection or as part of an interoperable network.

In creating optimal lighting solutions for pedestrian crossing projects, we have lenses especially developed for it, our AIKO luminaires are CLO-equipped with uniform light distribution.

In view of the characteristics of our Royal street lights, adopt a slim, streamlined optimized design to reduce the windward area and reduce the wind resistance. And its self-cleanness smooth body would greatly diminish dust accumulation and bird droppings.

AIKO’s Royal LED streetlight is low-profile, durable and state-of-the-art fixture. Designed for roadway and parking lot area, replace traditional street and area light with quick payback and superior, its optical design can control the cut-off angle to prevent glare to pedestrian or driver.

AIKO Royal AST04 streetlights give a premium decorative look with low glare control for visual comfort and eye safety for passers-by. The effectiveness of the light goes hand-in-hand with sleek design. ENEC, CB, CE (EMC,LVD),ROHS, IP66, IK08, Vibration Test, Temperature cycling test, LM-79, ISTMT are approved for our lights. We supply high performance and durable street lighting for all kinds of public area. We are lighting solution provider for reduction lighting pollution, save energy and create a green and safe environment. If your streets needs new, longer lasting and more efficient lighting options, or powered by solar panels, AIKO LED Lighting is the answer. 


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