The characteristics and application function analysis of smart led street light gateway

With the mature application of the Internet of Things technology, the smart light pole is no longer just a simple lighting, but has been given more responsibilities such as LED information release, video monitoring management, real-time environmental monitoring, one-button alarm, WiFi/5G base station, new energy charging piles and so on. It has become an indispensable application equipment in the transformation and upgrading process of major industries.  In the construction of the smart light pole, the key product to realize its high integration and versatility lies in the smart light pole gateway.

The smart light pole gateway is the core of the light pole system. It can connect the rod body camera, sensor, light controller, charging pile terminal, led screen, alarm and other devices into the network to establish the communication channel with the control center. It has the functions of intelligent lighting, one-button alarm, environmental monitoring, new energy charging pile, video monitoring, audio broadcasting, 5G base station, wifi sharing and so on.  To create intelligent, energy-saving digital information multi-functional intelligent comprehensive pole.  


Intelligent light pole gateway features  


  1. Rich interface, providing a variety of data access capabilities  


Supports the access of various data interfaces for the connection of hardware such as HD cameras, environmental monitoring, centralized controllers, and LED displays, realizing the intensive and efficient management of various devices  


  1. Diversified protocols and flexible configuration  


The gateway is compatible with various communication protocols and provides the protocol conversion function. The configuration of the gateway is flexible and meets the requirements of various networking ports.  


  1. Edge cloud collaboration and data intelligence  


The gateway can monitor the network status of access devices, provide edge computing, edge storage, and edge control functions, and provide standard structured data analysis and support for the back-end platform.  


  1. one-stop power supply, to meet the demand of different equipment  


External power supply capacity, to achieve one-stop power supply, can provide a variety of different current and voltage, to meet the needs of various access equipment.  


Intelligent road light pole gateway application functions  

  1. Smart lighting  

The intelligent light pole gateway can realize the remote centralized control and management of street lamps, automatic brightness adjustment according to the traffic flow, remote lighting control, active fault alarm, lamp cable anti-theft, remote meter reading and other functions, which can greatly save power resources, improve the management level of public lighting, and save maintenance costs.  

  1. WiFi/5G coverage 

Smart light pole gateway can realize 4G/5G WiFi function, WiFi coverage distance is long, fast speed, assist smart light pole to achieve public WiFi coverage.  

  1. Environmental monitoring  

The environmental acquisition sensor monitoring data is transmitted to the cloud platform through the gateway to realize real-time automatic collection, analysis and storage of PM2.5, PM10, noise, temperature, humidity and other data, providing objective and scientific decision-making basis for urban environmental management.  

  1. Video surveillance 

The gateway has a built-in industrial-grade high-speed processor, which is the first choice for large data transmission such as video and pictures.  The video, picture, sound and other information captured by the monitoring is transmitted to the public security and other administrative departments in real time through the intelligent street lamp gateway, making the city management more efficient.  

  1. LED information release  

The central platform releases information such as advertising, meteorological data and government affairs, which can be sent to the LED screen of each smart light pole through the light pole gateway to realize remote, centralized and real-time information release.  

  1. One-click alarm  

In case of emergency, the public can dial the alarm number quickly. The smart light pole gateway has the GPS positioning function, which can assist the public security department to locate the alarm location according to the GPS.  

  1. Intelligent charging pile  

Through the gateway, the charging function of electric vehicles and electric bicycles can be completed to meet the charging needs of new energy owners.  

Intelligent street lighting gateway recommended  

5G smart street lamp gateway CM560  

Six advantages to provide solid support for the equipment:  

  1. High reliability design ensures that the equipment is unattended for a long time in harsh environment  
  2. It can quickly integrate public broadcasting, LED screen, video monitoring, charging pile, environmental sensing, meteorological sensing, 5G base station, etc.  Make smart light pole integration more convenient  
  3. Multi-center synchronous transmission is supported, making system operation and maintenance more efficient  
  4. Support the network management platform for centralized management and large-scale deployment  
  5. Super edge computing ability, integrated data collection, processing, execution, real-time analysis, safe and efficient  
  6. The equipment supports secondary development, and users can develop private protocols according to demand;  The equipment can be compatible with the regulations and standards of various industries, which is convenient for users to network application equipment according to specific project requirements.

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