The importance of LED street lamp lightning protector, what is the role of lightning protector

LED street lighting has been in the country for about ten years, including power supply, power drive, heat dissipation technology, optical technology and other new breakthroughs every year, and some basic technology in the country has not been solved, LED street lighting lightning protection problem is one of the problems to be solved.

A lightning strike is an electrostatic discharge that typically carries millions of volts from a cloud to the ground or another cloud. During transmission, lightning creates an electromagnetic field in the air that induces up to thousands of volts (known as surges) to power lines and generates an induced current that can travel for miles. These indirect attacks usually occur when power lines are exposed outdoors, such as street lamps, traffic lights, base stations, and other devices emit surges. The surge protection module is directly facing the surge interference from the power line at the front end of the circuit. It transfers or absorbs surge energy to minimize the surge threat to other working circuits, such as AC/DC power units in LED lighting fixtures and other devices.

For LED street lamps, the lightning will generate inductive surge on the power line, and the energy of the surge will generate a surge on the wire, namely, surge wave. The surge is transmitted through such inductive mode. When a surge wave comes from the outside, it will generate one on the sine wave in the 220V transmission line, and this will enter the street lamp. Will cause damage to the LED street lamp circuit.

Street lamps have been around for many years. Why did they need lightning protection now? In fact, high pressure sodium lamps and traditional mercury lamps used in the past are designed with high pressure bulbs, which are themselves lightning protection. In recent years, LED lights are gradually popular, LED lights need a small power supply voltage, usually use the power supply to convert alternating current to direct current to drive, which makes the lightning protection of LED street lamp itself is no longer, so it is necessary to design lightning protection module for street lamp.

The importance of lightning-proof street lamps is determined by the concept of payback period. Since the price of LED street lamps is about twice that of traditional street lamps, the government invests a large amount at the beginning of purchase, so it needs to earn back the cost gradually by saving power expenditure during operation. Therefore, the life of LED lights is very important. If LED lights break down during the payback period before they have even made their money back, they will need additional money to repair them, which costs twice as much labor as when they were installed. Therefore, in the LED era, to achieve LED power saving, money saving effect, need to ensure that its life can reach your expectations, that is, the product shelf life to be long. In order to achieve cost savings, to ensure that the investment recovery period of the street lamp is not damaged, it needs to be a high degree of reliability. This needs to add lightning protection for LED street lamps, in order to achieve economic enlargement.

China has been doing energy-saving street lamps, the definition of street lamp specifications are usually visible indicators such as brightness, luminous Angle, light color, power consumption, and often ignore the invisible indicators of lightning protection. Not only the United States and Europe, but also countries with high landfall, such as Malaysia and India, have long established relevant standards requiring local street lamps to pass a set lightning protection test. Due to the domestic only Hainan, Pearl River and other coastal cities more serious thunder, and most inland areas are much better.

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