The necessity of installing street lights on the main road into the city

  1. Convenient travel

Convenient travel is one of the main functions of street lights. Now people like to take a walk at night, or go out to play, etc., if there is no street light, it will bring a lot of inconvenience to travel, so the nightlife cannot be launched.

  1. Ensure safety

In fact, people read the news and know that the current society is not very safe, and there are always robberies and other incidents. However, the events and locations of these cases are integrated. People will find that they all have something in common. Then it happened in a place without street lights, which is relatively remote. This can also indirectly reflect the sense of security brought by street lights. Yes, under street lights criminals are easy to see and thus easy to catch.

  1. Beautify the road landscape

Shaped street lights can be combined with the local cultural and natural environment to beautify the road and form a local characteristic landscape.

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