The practicability of smart street lamps

1.Environmental monitoring

It can collect and monitor all kinds of environmental and meteorological data, including PM2.5, temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind direction, wind speed, wind power, noise and so on, in real time

The information screen displays updates in real time. The statistical analysis function provided by the system can also analyze the overall air quality of a period of time, such as one month, half a year and other dimensions, and output statistical reports


  1. 2. Public broadcasting

Urban broadcasting is becoming the mainstream trend of safe city monitoring and alarm system. It can play the preset broadcast content on time, and also can insert emergency information in real time. The volume can be controlled remotely.

  1. 3. Wi-fi

The public WIFI function can easily provide nearby users with fast Internet access, and users only need simple authentication to access. When there are too many users, you can limit the number of Internet users and limit the Internet speed. At the same time, managers can also count the number of people on the network, the content of the website visited, etc., to track the behavior of users on the network.

  1. 4. Communication base station

At present, it is difficult for tower companies or operators to build a new base station site. In the coming commercial 5G, base stations will be more densely distributed, resulting in more difficult addressing. As a good carrier, smart road light pole is not only used for lighting, but also can provide base station carrier for operators or tower companies. The light pole can load micro base station or cluster antenna, an the shape can be beautiful

The camouflaged or camouflaged design can not only meet the needs of communication coverage, but also reduce the complaints of signal interference.

  1. 5. Recharge with wisdom

In recent years, the country has promoted green travel, and various preferential policies have promoted the popularity of electric vehicles. Star Long Lighting, the majority of electric vehicle users hope to provide convenient, safe and flexible charging

The solution. The charging piles here will meet the needs of users. The user’s phone can search for available charging points nearby and get there quickly according to the navigation system. Charging, but also can track the charging state, after charging mobile phone payment can leave.

In a word, the design of AIKO street lamp is based on the circular culture to finish the design… To achieve the effect of harmonious industry, in different field guide, provide different design of punishment, such as commercial district punishment

Park guide area modeling, college modeling and so on, light pole body sex connection, galvanized, spray, etc., have also adopted high-quality production technology, extend the use of time, enhance the community brand image.

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