Tips to Consider the Street Lighting Design

Good road and street lighting is to contribute to increased traffic safety, a perceived safer environment for pedestrians to ensure safety while walking, and the creation of an attractive and pleasant atmosphere. A good street lighting system will ensure the visual detection of objects at greater distances.

AIKO Royal AST04 street lighting is a series of weather-resistant for streets and roads, with high performance and light comfort. We have launched street lighting designs to provide customers with more comprehensive technical support for more and more outdoor led street lighting projects. And we’ll communicate with customers about lighting effect and overall quantity to calculate the project cost more accurately.

What factors we should pay attention to? The street lighting evaluation indicators include road average illuminance, uniformity, glare, CRI and visual inducement.

Road luminance is the most important factor affecting whether the obstacle can be seen, it’s a measure of the visibility of the road. Brightness uniformity depends on the light distribution of the luminaire, the lumen output of the luminaire and the installation design of street lighting etc.

Uniformity is an index to measure the uniformity of light distribution on the road, good overall uniformity ensures that all points and objects on the road are sufficiently illuminated for the driver to see. Glare is the blinding sensation that occurs when the brightness of light exceeds the level of adaptation of the human eye to light, it will cause discomfort and reduce road visibility.

Our lighting must be energy and environmentally efficient, we want to achieve good visibility and high light comfort with low energy consumption, our advanced optics solutions provide energy and cost-effective luminaires. Royal series is available with many different lenses to meet the diverse requirements of road types, advanced lens technology ensures pleasant light distribution across roads and car parks, improving visibility, safety and security.  

If you have a project in hand, you might as well start a lighting simulation now and choose the right street lighting for your projects, if you need any our help, we’re also very happy to provide and share the corresponding knowledge with you. Let’s get in touch.


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