What are the benefits and advantages of smart street lights

Smart street lights are street lights that use advanced, efficient and reliable power line carrier communication technology, wireless communication technology or communication technology to realize remote centralized control and management of street lights. Smart street lamps have functions such as automatic brightness adjustment according to traffic flow, remote lighting control, active failure alarm, light line anti-theft, and remote meter reading. It can greatly save power resources, improve the management level of public lighting, and save maintenance costs. Smart street lights can also be equipped with 5G communication base stations, video surveillance, display screens, car charging and other functions. In general, it is a smarter and more scientific street light, which not only has the function of lighting, but also adds many other beneficial characteristics. Speaking of which, what is so special about smart street lights?

One is to further improve the lighting method, which can be controlled intelligently. Smart street lights adjust the brightness of the lights according to the traffic flow on the road and the actual lighting needs. In this way, the brightness of the light is more humanized, which meets the needs of different scenes and saves a lot of power.

Secondly, smart street lights have a long lifespan, so the cost performance is much better than traditional street lights. Traditional street lights may be damaged under full load pressure for a long time, resulting in scrapping. However, smart street lights can increase the life of traditional street lights by 20%, because intelligent control can greatly reduce the full-load working time.

Third, it is more convenient to maintain smart street lights in the later stage. What needs to be known is that the maintenance and repair of traditional street lights requires manpower and vehicles for inspection and repair, but the installation of smart street lights can reduce the cost of manpower and material resources in the later stage. Because the smart street lamp realizes the performance of remote monitoring by computer, you can know the operation status of the street lamp without going to the scene in person.

In recent years, smart street lights have ushered in a development trend. 5G construction, vehicle-road coordination, and new infrastructure construction have all promoted the development of the smart street lighting industry. Many people don’t know much about smart street lights. Compared with the existing street lights, where is the wisdom? Through the customization of smart street lights, we will introduce smart street lights to you. In order to meet the basic standard requirements of road lighting, smart road lighting customization also has multiple functions such as monitoring, traffic management, urban monitoring management, energy supply, and urban public services. It can provide smart lighting, smart transportation, smart city management, smart city construction and development services (such as smart weather, smart government affairs).

Smart street lights can transmit data and instructions bidirectionally between terminal equipment and decision-making application layer through intelligent gateway, wired and wireless transmission and unified management platform, and will realize the following functions:

  1. Smart street light terminal equipment (such as cameras, environmental monitoring, etc.) will realize the function of information and command transmission through direct transmission or intelligent gateway.
  2. The smart street light terminal equipment is connected locally through the smart gateway to realize smart local decision-making within the scope of authorization.
  3. At the decision-making application layer, each department has the right to obtain information and put forward decision-making suggestions to realize two-way information exchange.

For practical application performance, such as common single lamp control, the background uses remote control of each off-line lamp, and realizes the switching time, brightness and dimming strategy of the lamp through online description. At the same time, it also supports online viewing of the lamp pole operating status, fault alarm and alarm function. Effectively reduce the cost of offline manual maintenance and improve the level of urban service management.

In terms of intelligent transportation, intelligent parking can also be realized by relying on intelligent street lights. Each parking space sensor collects vehicle information in real time, and the monitoring and management software processes and analyzes the parking space data in real time. And the processed guidance information is sent to the guidance screen of each parking space in the parking lot, and the guidance displays the information of the empty parking space, so as to guide the vehicle actually. Enter an empty parking space. Subsequent drivers can also use the mobile APP to realize functions such as parking space inquiry, parking space reservation, parking space guidance, self-service car search, and self-service payment.

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