What are the reasons for choosing LED street lights?

The choice of ideal public LED lighting fixtures must be carried out during the execution of lighting projects. The decision for devices with cutting-edge technology goes beyond the aesthetic aspects in places that have squares, tourist attractions, commercial areas or historical monuments.

The spaces must allow the movement of people in a safe way. LED luminaires make it possible to visualize the colors of landscapes and other attractive environments.

Not to mention the security they provide by increasing the visibility of people transiting through public spaces, facilitating the identification of criminals. The prices of these devices are higher than the traditional ones, however, they generate an excellent return.

Conventional light bulbs have a short lifespan, fail a lot, need to be replaced approximately every two years, and require constant maintenance. LED luminaires can last up to 10 years without requiring replacement or repairs. With this, public administration saves resources in the medium and long term, which can be invested in other sectors.

Several points need to be taken into account by those who choose LED public lighting fixtures. Among them, we can mention the warranty period, durability, service and support offered by the supplier, in addition to the return on investments, the costs of lighting projects, among others.

The guarantee of durability is related to the L70 maintenance index, which corresponds to a useful life of over 70,000 hours of use. Who supplies this information are the manufacturers, who know when the depreciation of the luminous flux occurs.

Normally, the LED luminaire reaches more than 100,000 hours working perfectly, as it has advanced technology.

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