What factors should be considered when buying LED Street lights?

Do you know what factors that you have to consider when you’re planning to install LED Street lights?

The following key factors are some that you should consider.

  1. Power supply

The power supply of the LED street lights is a very important part, because the power supply is one of the important factors that determine the quality of the led street light. A power supply with high efficiency and accurate precision is very important, because it can ensure high energy saving and long life of led street lights, and has an important position.

  1. Heat dissipation

The second thing we want to talk about is the heat dissipation of LED street lights, which is also a crucial aspect. The temperature determines the life of the led street light. If you want to extend the life of the led street light, you must solve the problem of heat dissipation. At present, there are two ways of heat dissipation for led street lights: passive heat dissipation and active heat dissipation, and you can choose according to your actual situation.

  1. Light distribution

LED street lights have special requirements for lights, which are different from spotlights. Spotlights require more concentrated light, but the light requirements of led street lights are large irradiation area and better uniformity. When purchasing led street lights, you should also look at the light distribution and see if the configuration is reasonable.

  1. Waterproof and dustproof

LED street lights are outdoors all the year round, exposed to wind and rain, dust and rain. If the waterproof and dustproof effect of the led street light is not good, it will greatly affect the service life of the led street light, so waterproof and dustproof is a crucial task, and it must be taken into consideration when purchasing led street lights.

AIKO Lighting’s LED Street lights’ powers are from 30W to 280W, high illumination performance, up to 170 LM/W. 7 Yeas warranty. We offer Street Road lighting design layout,delivering more light, less power.

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