What is the Aging Testing of LED Street Lighting?

The aging testing of LED street lighting is to simulate the real-time working after installed on the poles and to speed up the working status after some time. The 100% aging testing before shipment is required when calculating the working life and  expiration time for the LED street lighting.

Why Aging Testing is Important?

Real time and speeding-up aging testing is quite important to calculate the performance and efficiency of the LED street lighting for over a long time. The critical testing ways ensures to offer qualified LED street lighting and expose the possible failures during working on poles. It is one of the typical way to to measuring the reliability and safety performance of the street lighting in harsh environment, like high ambient temperature, high voltage, unstable grid, diesel power generation etc.

To guaranty the qualified street lighting with 7 years warranty, AIKO lighting did 100% strict aging testing for all orders. Like, we do all aging testing for 8 hours, including high voltage and low voltage.

FOR all new designed products, AIKO Lighting do constantly 24 hours/7 days for burning. We will also do all relevant temperature rising testing to get the testing points data.

Based on all those critical testing methods, AIKO Lighting is aimed to offer the long warranty, reliable street lighting products to help you free after sales service. The most important, we use all branded parts, like Seoul LED chips, Inventronics or Sosen drivers, and private housing models. All the street lighting are approved with ENEC, CB, EMC, LVD, LM79, ISTMT, IP66, IK08, 3G vibration certificates and testing reports.

According to the above mentioned points, AIKO Lighting provides the well working products for all your projects. Check the product like Royal LED Street Lighting to get more details of our LED Street Lighting Solution.

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