what’s the use of street lights

  1. What is the function of street lights

       a.Lighting function: Street lights on urban roads mainly provide lighting effects.

       At night, the streets of the city will be lit; and during the day, it will also bring convenience and convenience to people’s travel.

       b.Decorative function: There are many buildings in the city that need to install street lights as decorations. For example, some parks or squares will be equipped with street lights for decoration.

       c.Traffic guidance function: For pedestrians, they can use these street lights to judge whether there is a vehicle passing in front of them and whether they want to continue to move forward. In addition, motor vehicle drivers can also use street lights to judge the road conditions ahead and make corresponding driving decisions.

  1. What are the types of street lights?

According to different classification standards, it can be divided into different types of lighting products, among which the following types of products are common:

       a.According to the light source, there are several types of incandescent bulb type, high pressure sodium lamp (ie metal halide lamp), and metal halide lamp.

       b.According to the structural form, it can be divided into three types: column type, wall-mounted type and garden light.

       c.According to the purpose, it is divided into two types: common type and special type.

       d.According to different usage occasions, street lamps can be divided into the following categories:

       (1) LED street lights for highways

       (2) Urban Landscape LED High Power LED Street Light

       (3) Outdoor billboard high-power outdoor full-color display LED advertising light box

       (4) traffic signal control led traffic lights

       (5) LED car model in the showroom of automobile 4S shop

       (6) Indoor and outdoor high-brightness luminous characters

       3.The role of street lights

       a.Beautify the environment

With the rapid development of the economy and the continuous progress of the society, people have higher and higher requirements for the living environment and living conditions. Therefore, the increase of various buildings and the expansion of green areas have made our living environment more beautiful and comfortable. However, due to the destruction and pollution of the natural environment, our living space has been seriously threatened. Therefore, in order to improve this situation, it is necessary to improve people’s awareness of environmental protection and enhance the ability of environmental protection through reasonable planning and design.

       b.Safety protection

The traffic accident rate is very high at present, and it is on the rise. This is mainly caused by the increase in the number of cars, and the increase in the number of cars is directly proportional to the number of cars. If the speed of travel of existing vehicles is not restricted, a large amount of traffic accidents will be caused.

       c.Indicate the direction

Most cars are now equipped with GPS navigation systems or satellite receivers with positioning functions. With them, you can accurately determine your own position, and adjust your driving route in time to avoid congested road sections or corners. But if there is no clear marker to determine where you are, accidents are easy to happen. At this time, it is necessary to rely on the indicator lights set on the roadside to achieve this purpose. Because its existence can remind the driver to pay attention to the surrounding situation in order to take correct actions and prevent unexpected accidents.

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