When the led street lamp flicker failure how to do? Here are a few ways to solve it

LED lights are widely used because they are more energy efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs. But sometimes LED lights may have some problems such as flashing failure, meet this situation, what should we do? The following I will introduce in detail how to solve the problem of led light flashing fault.

The cause of led flashing

1.When the led light driving power is damaged, it will cause the led light flashing fault

2.Some drivers will have the phenomenon of over-temperature protection. When the heat dissipation performance of the lamp material is not good, the overheat protection of the drive will start to operate, and there will be the phenomenon of led light flashing fault.。

3. when the drive power supply and LED lamp bead do not match, the lamp bead chip will appear insufficient power phenomenon, when the current is too high, the lamp bead can not bear, it will cause led lamp flashing fault。

4.If the lamp is get wet, resulting in lamp beads and drive damage, will also lead to led flashing fault phenomenon。

 5.If there is a problem in the circuit of the LED lamp, such as the neutral line and the live line are reversed, it will also lead to the phenomenon of blinking fault。

How to solve the LED flashing fault

1.If the lamp flicker fault is caused by the circuit problem, you can check whether the neutral line and the live line at the switch socket are connected. In the actual process, you can use a pen, a multimeter and other tools to judge the neutral line and the live line.

2.if there is a problem with the driving power supply, then replace a suitable driving power supply, the replacement of the new driving power supply must match the lamp beads.

3. if there is a problem with the heat dissipation of the lamp, resulting in the drive power to open the overheating protection, you can coat the lamp shell with a layer of heat dissipation coating to strengthen the heat dissipation.

4. if you do not know where the specific problem is the LED light, you can first check whether the circuit is a pathway, when the circuit problem caused by the elimination of the fault, then check whether the driver has a problem, if so, with a new driver can be replaced.

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