Why LED Street Lights Get Adopted In Smart Cities?

The concept of smart city is more and more recognized by people. It can instil initiatives to make urban areas more livable and truly sustainable. It is a solutions-driven approach where emerging technologies work together to improve infrastructure without harming the environment .Street lighting is a core infrastructure for installing smart city systems, and LED street lighting provides an opportunity to build an interconnected, efficient and safe urban lighting network.

Implementing LED street lighting systems can bring immediate energy efficiency and longevity benefits to smart cities. They are promoted as a sustainable lighting option as they do not harm the environment and reduce carbon emissions. As such, it is becoming an important complement to smart cities as they promote a greener environment.

Advantages of switching to LED street lights:

  1. Lower toxicity and better lighting:

As smart cities prioritize human health and sustainability, addressing air quality issues, reducing traffic congestion and improving health are some of the key issues that need to be addressed. Different from traditional high pressure sodium lamp, LED lights do not contain any toxic mercury or other unhealthy chemicals. They start quickly and don’t produce the UV rays that attract bugs.

LED technology is also advancing rapidly in terms of light efficiency, color quality, optical design and thermal management. LED lights create a daytime atmosphere and facilitate public transport at night by improving road visibility. Extensive and consistent lighting patterns ensure that residents feel it safer at night while waiting for a bus or walking to their destination.

  1. Economic benefits:

The top technology of LED systems makes them a more energy efficient and cost effective lighting option. Because they require less energy, street lighting costs have fallen by 50-70%. In addition, the service life of LED street lamp can be up to 20 years, strong controllability. The implementation itself pays for itself due to energy savings and reduced maintenance costs. So switching to led light makes sense for any city that aspires to be smart.

  1. Environmental benefits:

Leds emit very little heat and consume very little energy – qualities that make them more environmentally friendly and a sustainable lighting option. LEDs are twice as energy efficient as traditional fluorescent bulbs and are touted as the standard for green lighting.Their longer service life can significantly reduce landfill and bulb disposal costs, thereby reducing the carbon footprint.

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