Advantages of LED Street Lighting

Compared with conventional roadway lighting fixtures, there are a lot advantages of switching to LED street lighting. It provides significantly energy saving than the old roadway lamps. With the same power consumption, it could generate double light output but lower heat. It is much more environment friendly energy for lower carbon. Long life span and durable LED street lighting features, switching to LED street lighting could save a lot maintenance cost. It could worked well in the harsh environments, like high temperature, windy and sandy applications. It is more flexible for different applications and requirements.

  1. Longer lifespan. LED street lighting generally guaranteed with 160,000hours life-pan. But the conventional roadway lighting needed to be changed every two year.
  2. Lighting distribution to get more accurate lighting patterns on the road get maximum energy consumption.
  3. 60% energy saving. The 95% energy of LED could be transit to lighting output, but only 50% of conventional MH could be transited to lighting output. The rest 50% has been turned to heat.
  4. Intelligent control. The advanced technology of LED could be adopted with D4i, dimming, photocell, timing control to make  it more intelligent and energy saving. The most important part, it could be able to make smart city with integral warming, camera, charing, wireless function which make safer and easier life.

AIKO Lighting street lighting provides durable, reliable and certified street lighting for your streets.

Royal LED Street Lighting Features,

  1. 7 years warranty
  2. 160lm/W lighting output for better energy saving
  3. Class I and Class II available for safe city
  4. Certified street lighting – ENEC, CB, CE, EMC, LVD, IP66, IK08, LM79
  5. Full wattage range, from 30W to 280W
  6. Intelligent control – Zhaga, NEMA, D4i
  7. Tool-free maintenance optional
  8. Type II, Type III lighting distribution with super wide – 60m pole distance optical solutions

Send your requirements, we could offer a customized professional solution to illuminating your streets.



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