Different type applications of street lights

Different types of street lighting can be applied in a variety of situations depending on design, wattage, installation method and beam angle etc. These applications are main streets, residential streets, park lots, highway, roads etc. LED street lighting are designed to replace traditional HPS and MH lamps, which are becoming fashionable and high energy-saving. We need to pay attention to the light efficiency, beam angle and aesthetics when designing street light. Some smart controllers are increasingly applied to led street lights such as Zigbee. With intelligent functions, it will save energy a lot and make your city very modern.

Both rural and urban areas have a variety of streets, such as primary street, secondary streets. Different street lamp situations require different types of street lights, different wattages, and different light distributions. As technology advances, led street lights are a cost-effective and sustainable option for roads and paths in cities, towns and rural areas.

The expressway is the road connecting the city and the city, and the road connecting the city and the countryside. In this case, there will be no non-motorized lanes for motor vehicles and pedestrians. In some special cases, such as high-speed entrances and exits, bridges on high-speed roads, roundabouts, etc., high power street lighting can be used to provide necessary lighting for drivers to drive safety. Squares also is an important part of people’s lives, people spend more time playing in squares at night, so square street lighting has become very necessary.

With the development of the economy, automobiles have become the popular transportation for the public. Some supermarkets, shopping malls and hospitals have equipped with parking lots to provide convenience for people, and then the parking lot lighting is generated. Good parking lot lighting not only protects pedestrians but also makes a good impression to protect your business. AIKO royal AST04 street lighting provides bright, energy-efficient lighting for parking lots of all sizes. Both large warehouse and logistics area have lots of space in front of the entrance to facilitate the passage of vehicles through the area. Therefore, this large space needs to be illuminated by lights at night to avoid the existence of dark areas.

Royal AST04 series is one of the most popular products and have sold more than 50000 units this year, the light has a very good heat dissipation performance since we use best light source and power supply. The combined use of high quality Lumileds LEDs and Sosen drivers which greatly extends the lifespan of this street light. Many our clients choose our Royal series street lights to bid on governments projects, which is mainly based on its high-cost performance and complete certificates and reports. Different places often require different led street lights, if you still don’t know how to choose the right street light for your projects, welcome to contact us for help, we’d like to share the knowledge with you when you need make the right choice.


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