Energy-saving advantages of intelligent street lighting solutions

Under the guidance of the smart city and green city development guidelines, the municipal management department has continuously highlighted the demand for intelligent management and control of urban infrastructure, energy conservation and environmental protection. Aiming at the problems of old lighting systems and power shortages in some cities, a comprehensive smart lighting solution based on smart street light poles is proposed to achieve centralized control of road lighting and high efficiency and energy saving.

Solution background: Traditional urban lighting has shortcomings such as large number of street lights, geographical dispersion, poor stability, and frequent communication failures, resulting in problems such as large safety hazards, high operation and maintenance costs, and serious waste of resources.

Scheme design: Build a smart lighting system for smart street light poles based on cloud computing, Internet of Things and big data technologies. Through the smart street light pole gateway, combined with 4G/5G network communication technology, edge computing technology, integrated access control technology, high-precision measurement technology, etc. Integrate smart lighting, video surveillance, environmental monitoring, IoT communication, collaborative control and other applications to achieve environmental protection and energy saving, carbon reduction and emission reduction, and multiple functions in one shot.

Solution advantages:

  1. Realize remote centralized management and control of street lamp smart lighting.
  2. Realize the daily operation and maintenance management of online street lighting.
  3. Realize high efficiency and energy saving of smart lighting.

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