Good light is the best protection against burglary

When you think of burglary protection, you think of complicated alarm systems, massive safes, barred windows and expensive door locks. But the best and cheapest protection against thieves is light. Most burglars aren’t violent—they prefer not to run into anyone or be noticed. You can therefore prevent burglars from gaining access under cover of darkness by using lighting correctly. With the targeted and controlled use of light, you can put potential thieves to flight in advance. The use of environmentally friendly lighting also saves energy and also protects insects from artificial light.

LED outdoor lighting protects against burglary and saves energy

Around 60% of burglaries take place in the twilight hours or at night, with the time between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. statistically being the most dangerous time. Many burglars are deterred by being seen or observed – they then do not even try to gain entry. Good light also increases the likelihood that a neighbor or passer-by will see the burglar.

Safety through intelligent light control

Timers, motion detectors, twilight switches: With targeted light control, you can keep thieves and burglars away from your house with simple means. A headlight that responds to movement is an effective deterrent. Time-controlled light on the facade or along a path also increases security and protects against uninvited guests. Already have lighting? No problem: this can usually be easily and inexpensively retrofitted. If you need help or would like the advice of a lighting expert, use the possibilities of a well-known lighting designer.

Light makes visible: burglary protection begins in the garden

The garden is often neglected when it comes to burglary protection. As the days get shorter and the temperatures drop, you automatically spend less time outdoors. This offers burglars optimal conditions to gain access to their own house via hedges or fences without being seen. It is therefore important to pay attention to the right light for burglary protection outdoors as well.

Burglary protection: targeted light control

Constant brightness, permanent operation of the lamps and frequent switching on and off are hardly possible with traditional light sources. It also consumes electricity unnecessarily and disturbs the rhythm of insects and nocturnal animals. With economical LED lighting and light control, light can be switched on specifically when it is needed and the full output is achieved immediately without a switch-on delay.

Outdoor burglary protection tips

  • Install good path lighting with motion sensors or timers to reduce potential hiding places
  • Position spotlights with motion detectors at important points
  • Optimize the existing lighting with more economical technologies and intelligent lighting control
  • Use energy-efficient LED lighting to save costs
  • Minimize dark areas by illuminating hedges and facades

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