How to choose road lighting street lamps?

Road lighting fixtures are used to improve the safety of vehicles and pedestrians at night and prevent traffic accidents, so how to choose road lighting fixtures?
1. Average brightness
The average brightness not only affects the contrast between the object and the background, but also affects the visual discrimination sensitivity of the human eye. According to research, under the conditions of a certain overall road uniformity and threshold increment, when the average brightness of the road surface increases, the probability that the human eye can see a specific obstacle on the road will also increase synchronously. This requires lamps to have higher luminous efficiency and lamp efficiency to ensure the average brightness requirements of road lighting.
2. Brightness uniformity
Brightness uniformity includes overall uniformity and longitudinal uniformity. A good visual function not only requires a better average brightness, but also requires that the difference between the average brightness and the minimum brightness on the road surface should not be too large. If the brightness difference in the field of view is too large, the bright part will form a glare source. Thereby affecting vision, but also affect the ability of the human eye to identify obstacles.
3. Glare
Glare includes disability glare and discomfort glare. The formation of glare is due to the extremely high brightness or excessive brightness contrast in the field of view, which reduces the visual function or makes the eyes feel uncomfortable. The part with extremely high brightness forms a glare source, so the requirement for the lamp is to have a reasonable shading angle to prevent excessive scattered light from entering the human eye.

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