How to choose the right LED Street Road lights?

LED technology is becoming more and more mature, and its application range is becoming wider and wider. In addition to indoor such as families, schools, factories, hospitals, libraries, etc., the application in outdoor is also popular, and one of the most popular applications is LED street Road lights.

On Town and Cityl roads, LED street Road lights are becoming more and more popular. LED street Road lights are not only more energy-efficient, but also have better lighting effects than original HPS/HID street lights.

Now LED street Road lights are the best choice for road lighting.

So how to choose the right LED street Road lights. There are a few things we have to consider

  1. TheBudget

The cost of LED street Road lights will be relatively higher, but choosing different brands of power supplies and LED light sources will have an impact on their costs. Before completing the road lighting project, we need to consider the total budget of the project, such as investment in light poles, construction, LED street Road lights, etc.

After we consider the budget for LED street Road lights, we’re able to be better to choose the right LED street Road lights.

  1. TheQuality

The quality of LED street lights on the market is uneven, and the quality of the products will also have corresponding differences. Some have high luminous efficacy, and some have low luminous efficacy; some have a 3-year warranty, and some have a 5-year warranty; some have weak light, etc. etc.; The correct way is to choose LED street lights with reliable product quality according to the budget.

  1. The actual situation of the road

Before choosing LED street lights, we also need to consider the actual situation of the road, the width of the lane, how many lanes there are in total, whether it is a main road or a secondary road; and whether it is an urban road or a country road, and a high-speed road, high-speed exit, etc. etc.; we need to choose the matching road light distribution according to different actual road conditions, so as to achieve the best lighting effect

  1. Impact on the environment

Different roads have different requirements for the environment. For example, there are residential areas, biological protection areas or living areas around some, and we need to control light pollution, etc.,

These require professional engineers to select and match the correct light distribution for the LED street lighting project area.

  1. Do you need intelligence?

When choosing LED street lights, we also need to consider whether intelligent control is needed, such as timing, light control, induction, etc. These smart solutions can reduce carbon emissions, which also need to be done by professional engineers.

When you have the street Road light projects, please feel free to contact our experts, they will give you the most professional advice.

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