The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar Led Street Light

Advantages of solar LED street lights:

  1. Energy saving and environmental protection: solar LED street lights are energy saving and environmental protection products. They can not only beautify the rural environment and form a beautiful landscape, but also respond to the national call of “green lighting” and guide rural people’s awareness of energy saving.
  2. Simple construction: The construction of traditional mains street light is complicated, requiring earth moving, digging and occupying places such as farmers, which is easy to cause conflicts between the project and villagers, and is not easy to construct; Solar street light in the construction is more convenient than the mains street light, only need to dig a pit can, no need to lay line; The integrated solar LED street light can choose to dig a newly buried pole like the traditional solar street light, or it can be installed on the existing pole, wall and other supports, greatly reducing the construction process.
  3. Price advantage: traditional mains street lights are much cheaper than solar street lights when they are purchased, but the later costs are also relatively high, such as: replacement parts, components, electricity, repair costs, wiring and erection poles, and so on. Solar street lights have almost no later costs
  4. Simple maintenance: the maintenance of traditional electric street lights and solar street lights is more complex, and they need to be sent to the local for maintenance. The maintenance process is more complex, if the parts are not complete, it wastes more time.

Disadvantages of solar LED street lights:

1.Solar LED street light are not suitable for installation in all places (the main reason is to ensure that the solar panels should have enough lighting time), especially when the continuous rainy days are long, the brightness of solar LED street light will decrease significantly.

2.It’s not stable.The solar irradiance received by the Earth’s surface is intermittent and not stable enough, so solar LED street lights sometimes suffer from power shortage. To improve the conversion rate, expensive equipment is often needed, which increases the engineering cost virtually.

3.Low efficiency and high cost.Although the utilization of solar energy technology is becoming more and more mature, some solar energy conversion devices are low in efficiency and high in cost.

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