What are the advantages of LED street lights compared with traditional street lights?

Now the street lights on the road are replaced by LED street lights. As for the traditional street lights, they gradually disappear from people’s sight. What are the advantages of LED street lights compared with traditional street lights?

1.Low cost of investment

Traditional street lights are much more complicated than LED street lights when doing the installation project, manpower and material resources are very expensive, and the electricity bills of traditional street lights are very high and the cost is relatively high. LED street lights do not require digging holes or cables, which can save a lot of labor and material costs. Compared with traditional street lamps, LED street lamps are more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and the cost of LED street lamps is much lower than that of ordinary street lamps.

2.Strengthen energy conservation and environmental protection

Ordinary street lights contain some harmful substances and harmful rays in the spectrum. LED street lights have no mercury, no ultraviolet rays, and no radiation, which is more conducive to environmental protection and human health. Compared with ordinary street lamps, LED street lamps are indeed an energy-saving and environmentally friendly lighting product that is more in line with the needs of modern people.

3.The quality is reliable

Many people care about the quality of LED street lights. In fact, you can rest assured of LED street lights, because its circuit and power supply are made of high-quality components. Each LED has its own over-current protection, so you don’t have to worry about damage. More importantly It has good waterproof performance and impact resistance, and the quality is absolutely safe and reliable.

4.Lighting brightness

Compared with traditional street lamps, LED street lamps have stronger lighting functions. The brightness of a 60W LED street lamp can reach the same effect as that of a 250W high-pressure sodium lamp, which not only saves a lot of electricity, but also greatly improves the brightness.

5.The safety factor is high

Traditional street lamps (high pressure sodium lamps) contain harmful substances and harmful rays in the spectrum, which will pollute the environment and cause slight harm to the human body. Not only that, the installation of traditional street lamps is also very complicated, and fire and electric shock may occur during use. Accidents, LED street lights will be safer, and safety risks can be reduced during installation and use.

6.Long service life

As we all know, the service life of traditional street lamps is not long, and they need to be replaced frequently. Frequent replacement is not only expensive, but also brings you a lot of inconvenience, especially when reinstalling, there will be many problems.The LED street light is suitable for professional outdoor street lighting, has the function of asymmetric lighting distribution design, is easy to install and maintain, and can save labor costs.

In general, LED street light is a good product for environmental protection and energy saving. Due to its six advantages, LED lights gradually enter people’s field of vision and become the best energy-saving light source in the world. If you need to buy LED street lights, you must choose a regular street light manufacturer in order to ensure product quality and enjoy better service.

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