What is the difference between LED street lamps and solar street lamps?

What is the difference between LED street lamps and solar street lamps?  Today’s solar street lamp manufacturers from 6 differences, teach you to clear LED street lights and solar street lights.  

First of all, we need to know what these two terms mean. Solar street lamps are lamps that use sunlight to generate electricity instead of alternating current.  LED street lamp refers to the street lamp with LED as the light source.  

Here are six differences between newly updated LED and solar streetlights:  

  1. Energy differences.  Solar street lamps use solar energy, and general street lamps use electric energy.  Solar energy is renewable energy, so the use of solar street lamps is energy saving and environmental protection.  
  2. Voltage difference.  Solar street lamps are generally 12V or 24V system, and general street lamps are 220V system.  So solar-powered streetlights are relatively safe, even if they get electrocuted.  
  3. Device differences.  Solar street lamp has its own independent system, which does not need to dig cable trench, embedded pipeline and general street lamp needs. The buried wire is originally a relatively difficult thing. If it is far away from the power supply, the buried wire is far away, and there are certain security risks.  Can use solar street lamp direct device can be used, solar street lamp construction is more convenient. 

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